The oddly shaped floor plate of the new headquarters was the main driver of the design strategy. Specifically, the department groups were laid out to mimic the firm’s go-to-market strategy and convey the firm’s “product journey”. The loop around a central core starts with the engineering department, as the place of product inception, then moves into the marketing, sales, and support areas. Right before returning to the engineering department, the loop opens up into the “all-hands/breakroom” representing the apex of the design and thus, the physical representation of the firm’s culture and identity. This is the space that the firm uses as a hub for self-growth and discovery and to share knowledge and enlightenment, both internally and externally. Throughout this inspired loop, the design uses layers of architectural buildouts, materials, textures, colors, light, shadow, and furniture groupings to unite millennial workforce needs with the firm’s corporate vision of Buddhist Satori.

View of main elevator lobby. Chilewich with origami inspired pattern is used as both wallcovering and flooring to accentuate the arrival into a Japanese inspired firm culture.

View of reception desk and custom millwork, translate the firm's Japanese inspired culture into color and texture.

Image of meeting rooms opposite of reception area. The red accent paint at the face of the meeting rooms' ceiling carries down along intentionally gypsum board formed protrusions that subtly conceal the tube steel posts that support the ceilings cantilever span.

Image of meeting rooms and "Z-shaped" bar and sitting platform.

Image of a collaborative area highlighting translation of the "origami" motif in choice of carpet flooring and design install pattern.

Looking into the huddle rooms a blend of carpet flooring introduces a dynamic and inspiring flux.

Image of boardroom and point of arrival into the "all-hands" area.

Image of breakroom and "all-hands" area. Client commissioned local San Diego artist to plaster and carve 14' tall Samurai silhouettes over the gypsum  board columns at the perimeter wall/galss.

Image of "all-hands"/breakroom showing playfull application of graphic wallpaper and finishes. 

Sketchup renders are used to mass and develop the concept for roof structure over gypsum board walls intended to create focused podes for the engineering department.

Image of focused podes in construction.

Image of "all-hands"/break area being used as a hub for spreading knowledge and enlightenment.  

Video of project construction from inception to completion created by our A/V engineers.

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