Design inspiration for the new space was drawn from the innovative technologies central to the company’s success, as well as the tight-knit, family-oriented company culture. Central to the new headquarters is the floating “Z-tooth” steel and wood staircase. The stair is not just a means of providing for everyday movement;  it is also a place for chance encounters amongst employees-an intentional intersection to foster ideas exchange. The platform seating below the stairs, along with the coffee bar, and adjacent furniture selections, allow this area to become an informal “town-hall” for the entire office. Similarly, the large breakroom doubles as an alternative workspace, with its 24’ long custom island floating in the middle, free-standing tables and chairs, and the more private built-in banquette nooks located to the east of the building. Overall, the design provided for a flexible yet personalized approach that inspires the space and the millennial team members, while emphasizing the company’s vision. It translates Psyonix identity in a physical representation that celebrates the people who form the culture.

View of 20' long floating banquette, trophy wall and grand staircase connecting the main entry on 24th floor to the 23rd floor below.  Partial view of curved reception desk resin countertop with built-in edge lit LED.

View of breakroom and privacy sitting booths behind. 

Image of platform and bar sitting adjacent to the coffee area on the 23rd floor.

Image of coffee bar area and platform/bar sitting under the staircase. Three dimensional metal ceiling tile insets visible in the background are used to accentuate the location of the meeting rooms on this floor. 

Image of platform sitting and staircase connecting the 23rd floor to main entry on 24th floor. 

Image of ancillary furnishing selection, platform with bar sitting and the coffee ares on the 23rd floor.

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