NoonanLance was the first tenant that moved into the historic Park Loft Building built in 1925. The new office space occupies the entire top floor, highlighting the historic nature of the building by creating an industrial-loft quality and atmosphere. The design of the new office space progressed concurrently with the adaptive reuse shell renovation by Studio E Architects. Designing the new office entailed not only finding innovative ways to reimagine the functionality of a law firm that was already notably sophisticated by industry standards, but also involved working with the shell architects and engineers to address the minutia of infrastructure retrofit within the building’s historic fabric. The design assured existing brick walls, wood columns, and tongue and groove flooring and ceiling were preserved and restored, while hanging pendants, exposed ducts, skylights, conduits, and pipes were seamlessly blended into the space to complete the needs of a modern law office.
Upon arrival into the space, one is not greeted by a receptionist, but rather a small, quaint waiting area for which various colors of leather-covered law books were retained and reused for display. The law library walls have dual function as they support the custom-designed administrative workstations that float on either side of the space, and the end-walls of these stations double up as storage niches for metal filing cabinets refurbished in turquoise blue. Partners offices line the north wall and are constructed with full-glass fronts to allow light to filter through the original leaded-glass windows and into the open office area. The private offices were designed to smaller than typical industry standards in order to respect and highlight the raw beauty of the existing wooden posts.

View of waiting area and law library as seen if arriving on the floor via elevator.

View of private office fronts and preserved existing wooden columns.

Custom designed millwork workstations with plastic laminate walls, interior band of "tackwall" inset,  "3form resin" privacy screen and solid surface countertops. 

View of principals office showing original hollow brick exterior walls, concrete columns and the original operable leaded-glass windows.

View of main conference room.

View of breakroom and typical end-walls designed to server as both countertop if needed and storage niche for the repurposed metal cabinets refinished in turquoise blue. 

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